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The “Eligül Family” in 1983 had a single idea in mind while establishing the ‘Eligül Bronz’; to be able to create custom made oriental style handcrafted furniture. The family did not take a long time to decide on to use bronze with purpose in mind. It was decided to make the use of it as the cornerstone of high quality and special furniture thanks to its natural colour and proper alloys that harmonise with designs and its durability which ages gracefully as well as its flexibility.

The Eligül Bronz has not incorporated until 1994. Instead of presenting particular series or a catalogue, the company was not only creating and designing tailored to the wishes of its customers but also making preparations for the process of professionalization. The headquarters, which is in Ankara Furniture Centre, was opened as soon as the institutionalization processes have been completed in conjunction with the increasing interest and demand. The company, which have turned towards research and development activities after this point, have also focused on both to change the understanding of classical furniture and to create new products worthy of the name Eligül Bronz. In addition to the top quality materials and the unique bronze craftsmanship, the company have begun to add alternative styles to their products, especially processing on the porcelain. The company, which obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate, undertake completely the processes of design and production of all the products by itself and provide its entire staff with the employment opportunity.

It can be said that the Eligül Family has properly reached its objectives as of now. The Eligül Bronze makes the sales not only through domestic branches but also through major dealerships/showrooms that they opened abroad. One of the major showrooms of the Compay, which export many countries, especially Russia and Dubai, provide service in Sahrjah, Dubai. That is the most important reason why the Company attained success at the international level thanks to the series of furniture that create their own style beyond serving to only a certain style.

The importance that the Eligül Bronz give to the bronze craftsmanship should not be perceived as a single coincidence. The reason why the bronze is the benchmark of the “Eligül Bronz” stems from the bronze craftsmanship which has originated a thousand years ago. That is therefore the bronze craftsmanship, which has become a tradition in the hands of masters of the Ottoman period, is still accepted today. The bronze can easily take the desired shape by the control of skilful hands, and also become resistant to even the iron provided that it is created with the appropriate alloys. Above all, it does not wear out easily. The Bronze, which protects seamlessly its natural colour for years, serves also seamlessly the owners of it when used in timeless stylish furniture.














The series of Lale, which is created on the grounds that furniture should also provide a stance in addition to their functions, draw attentions with the harmony of the tulip-patterned fabric used in furniture of the white colour alongside the usual high quality bronze craftsmanship. The Tulip, which gives its name to the set, is chosen as the source of inspiration. Also, this is not a random choice. The image lies in the tulip, which has been an important symbol for a period of time as a source of inspiration for a plenty of artists from calligraphists to painters and symbolize a lifestyle based on comfort at exceptional levels, is represented. The fabrics used in Lale smooth visually these products having strong stances and also reveal how far they can be comfortable. The set of Lale, where the bronze is used when appropriate as an element for making sets excellent with small details rather than an essential element, deserves to be a must in your life Compared to other products of Eligül.



There is an important reason for this enormous set, which There is an important reason for this enormous set, which named as Sarmaşık; Ivy (Sarmaşık) grows so fast and do not feel the need to adapt to its environment. The wall on which the ivy grows is no longer a wall but ivy, similarly there only exist such perfect patterns created by the nature in minds of those who either remember it with its previous condition or see it for the first time.

The Sarmaşık Set, which is prepared by the Eligül Bronz, has been created with this understanding. The set, where bronze are widely used, includes intricate and so many detailed so many fascinating plant patterns and figured bronze fabric embroiders that do not repeat even if analysed for minutes. The set, where gilt is used, is presented by perfect pieces that are not only enviable but also desirable. This set like ivy dominates the area it exists, draw attention and also catch watchful eyes thanks to its fine craftsmanship deserves to be one of your essentials in the proper meaning of the word.



Kristal, which consists of three sets with alternatives of two colour choices, draws as much as attention as if it seeks to deserve its name and as a set that can glare like a crystal without losing its value and regardless its production period. Unlike other productions of the Eligül Bronz Family, the focal points of this set are not bronzes but crystals that are used on legs together with the bronze decoration. The crystals that draw attention with their usage on cabinets, armchairs and accessories not only add graces to the series but also enable that the light dances nearly on the crystal surface. The Kristal set, which is designed in two different colours such as hazel and lacquer, can either incrementally reinforce the magnificence of your home with its durable and solid appearance, if required, or make your home larger and more comfortable then it is by the uses of brilliant lacquer hues and without sacrificing the elegancy. You have not only a stance but also furniture that reflects feelings thanks to this set which is outside the usual patterns of the bronze so more organic and daring.



While Saraylı presents the statement for its stance even just with its name, it proves that the elegance can be created together with the nobility beyond the lines designed carefully. The combination of the unique Eligül Bronz craftsmanship with the bronzes equipped completely with hand embroidery and its harmony with its fantastic infrastructure, which is obtained by unique fabrics and woods, create thw quality so that even palaces can independently envy it.

The dining room sets, the sofa sets and the bedroom suites do not only invest your home with a palace atmosphere but also redefine it and add a different and unique identity. The perfection, which is covered by the simple stance of Saraylı, can appear through the details in it. You will experience the difference that Saraylı created by the arty-crafty furniture without any exaggerations and designs that are both as classical as to be harmonized with every single home and as unusual as to attract all the attention. The set, which is produced in Hazel Wood and Lacquer colours and of which contours are strongly defined by means of bronze and legs at first emphasize the power of it in the places of use, will sustain its pithiness and wonderful style.



The Kupalı Set, which is the living proof that nobility, style and comfort can be integrated and melted in a single pot, comes to the forefront with its lines that are thoroughly designed. The set, where woodworking is also emphasized as well as crafts manship of the bronze, is distinguished from others thanks to its close proximity to the floor and well – balanced structure. Kupalı is much more than a product with exceptional quality so it is a classic. The set is constituted of products that defy the years without taking into consideration what time it is in and also accomplish to be as valuable as it was at the first day it was purchased by adding value on its worth over the years.

The products of Kupalı set will draw your interest by the brightness of the bronze and its stance looking like an obelisk and win your heart by small details on it. The Kupalı set together with frames used on furniture, armrests and legs wrapped around by bronze like a claw, patterned bronze handles and of course the sultan’s signature used at bedside and cabinet doors will continue to fascinate you every second, moment and year when you look at them.



Uzumlu series, which establish a style with bronze and matt colour upholsteries, challenge to ordinaryness with columnar legs and bronze decorations. Üzümlü set aims to fill rooms stroked by first lights of the day with its fashionable style. The set, which is composed of the combination of dark tones with gilts and bronze decorations and armchairs together with high armrests offering spacious living area, brings about an undeniable magnificence and grandiosity along with the luxury.

The products, which form the dining room set, use main elements related to the Üzümlü set. Hatched columns used in cabinets, patterns, and the most importantly grape – patterned bronze coatings and bronze patterned corner additions make the Üzümlü set special. Üzümlü was created to address to not only the eye but also the senses. In addition to armchairs and chairs making you feel the comfort while sitting, you will inevitably be amazed once again the bronze craftsmanship while touching them.



Applied to the bronze bearing on fine craftsmanship and the finest details with the magic touch in your life in all its glory ORKIDE is designed to translate a visual feast.

ORKIDE exhibited the splendor at first glance, the position in which he found space you will leave quite an impression. Bronzesmith bright fabric wraps in unique patterns, ORKIDE reminiscent of a palace harem which makes Sultans jealous.

While meet and dance with your soul, handmade of mien of delicate handmade bronzesmith; ORKIDE will take you to the pages of history in every sense a powerful collection.


Bronze seats

Representing the divine authority of history, mystery filled with stone walls, Bronze seats settled in the throne came to our house today with the master craftsmanship of ELIGUL BRONZ, out of the palace’s undergoing the quality of life in all its glory.

With bronze, the figures given by the masters make history in our hands is a magic touch. Moderate but who will be the envy of the classic lines of a so flashy that seat has a beauty. A seat with the visual history of the fabric of the tie with a series of bronze.

Bronze seats, which can be useful beyond the provisions of the sultan with a seal on their posture and the line took place entirely in the palace, it comes from a fine hand craftsmanship.


If you give preference to specially manufactured handcrafted furniture, accessories that you will use together with your furniture should also be appropriate to your insight. Therefore, we as a family of Eligül produced accessories that are suitable to the style of your furniture and can live with them. You can improve your set by various accessories from single arm chairs to clocks and offer a new dimension or insight by additions reflecting that of yours. In order to make your furniture with which you will spend your life fit into both you and your living area, you can customize your living area through additions appropriate to your preferences.




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